Tracking Expenses, Organising Accounts and Other Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Tracking Expenses, Organising Accounts and Other Tips for New Entrepreneurs

  • 4 Benefits of Working With a Tax Accountant

    Filing business taxes is an intricate process that can be hard to manage effectively without professional knowledge. Therefore, it is vital to hire a tax accountant to handle your tax matters as you focus on other business operations. The expert will offer you different services to make your work more manageable and avoid tax mistakes. Here are four benefits of working with a tax accountant. 1. Reduce Tax Burden If you are not keen, business taxes can negatively impact your bottom line.

  • How to Use Investment Strategies to Better Your Tax Position

    If you've been successful in your working life, then you may be paying tax at the higher rate. This may amount to a significant sum of money on an annual basis, and you'd be well advised to look at strategies that could help you to reduce your obligation. Of course, you must always work in accordance with the law and never try to avoid taxes, but you can use certain strategies that will help to cut down on the amount of money that you need to send to the ATO.

  • Ways to Attract and Maintain Clients as a New Tax Accountant

    As tax deadlines approach, customers scramble about in search of tax accountants who will assist them with tax issues. Since tax periods are characterized by hectic schedules, they can make or break a tax accountant's business. Therefore, starting out as a tax accountant requires some level of ingenuity. You have to take advantage of the fast approaching tax deadlines if your goal is to build a client base quickly and expand your bottom line.

  • The Tax Man Is Coming: Do You Have An Investment Property Depreciation Schedule Yet?

    The end of this financial year is only days away, and that means it is once again time to get your paperwork in order so you can file your taxes. As someone who purchased their first investment property in the past year, you now have something new to include in your tax return. But before you can start, you are going to need an investment property depreciation schedule. What is it?

  • Tax Depreciation Schedule: Understand the Basics

    Investing in property is a wise financial move that can secure your financial future. Various factors come into play when buying or renting property. One of these factors is property depreciation. As property ages, fixtures and assets wear out and decrease in value. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) allows building owners to claim this wear and tear or depreciation as a deduction against their assessable taxable income. However, to have assets written off as a tax deduction, one must prepare and present a tax depreciation schedule.

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    Tracking Expenses, Organising Accounts and Other Tips for New Entrepreneurs

    Hi, my name is Kerry, and recently, I helped my mum set up her own business. She had always dreamed of buying things at charity shops and auctions and then selling them. However, with her advancing age and mobility issues, traveling to boot sales or flea markets wasn't an option anymore. Luckily, the internet made it easy for her to set up a shop she can run from her home, and I help her get to the charity shops and auctions to stock her online store. However, I have also had to help her with a lot of accounting things. If you are thinking about starting a business or helping a loved one, you need to check out these accounting ideas and tips.